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Eastern Star (OES)

A coordinate organization for Masons and their female relatives; through impresive lessons, teaches virtue and a way of life; incorporates some Christian teaching.

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St-15- OES patron Stud set]

St-15- OES patron Stud set] OES Patron stud set

Price: $ 15.00

Washington Pins

Washington Pins Washington Pin straight

Price: $ 20.00

Washington Pin curve

Washington Pin curve Washington spell out on a curve

Price: $ 20.00

A-83 OES Window Decal

A-83 OES Window Decal Out side Window Decal

Price: $ 3.50

BB-13 OES Belt Buckle

BB-13 OES Belt Buckle Belt Buckle - OES

Price: $ 15.00

M-12 Dues Card Holder

M-12 Dues Card Holder Dues Card Holder for 2 cards

Price: $ 8.00

LT-9 Luggage Tag OES

LT-9 Luggage Tag OES OES Luggage Tag

Price: $ 6.00

ST-2 OES Studs set

ST-2 OES Studs set Order of Eastern Star Studs

Price: $ 15.00

TA-69 Patron Tie Bar

OES Patron Tie Bar

Price: $ 8.00

TA-73 OES Tie Bar

TA-73 OES Tie Bar OES on Solid Tie Bar

Price: $ 8.00

CLSG-1 Cufflinks in Gold

CLSG-1 Cufflinks in Gold Star Cufflinks in Gold

Price: $ 18.00

K-20 OES Key Ring

K-20 OES Key Ring Key Ring OES

Price: $ 2.00