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M-104 Fess Holder

M-104 Fess Holder Shrine Fess Holder

Price: $ 5.00

M-105 Daughter Of Nile Necklaces

M-105 Daughter Of Nile Necklaces Daughter of Nile Necklaces

Price: $ 10.00

M-107 Shrine Button

M-107 Shrine Button Shriner Sew on Buttons

Price: $ 25.00

M-39 Shrine Shirt Corners

M-39 Shrine Shirt Corners Shrine Shirt Corners

Price: $ 10.00

M-41 Fess Sword

M-41 Fess Sword Shrine Fess Sword

Price: $ 20.00

M-76 Cummerbund

M-76 Cummerbund Cummerbund with Shriner- Nile emblem

Price: $ 20.00

M-83 Shrine Fess Pin

M-83 Shrine Fess Pin Shriner Fess Pin

Price: $ 20.00

M-89 Daughter of Nile

M-89 Daughter of Nile Daughter of Nile Emblem on Chain

Price: $ 15.00

M-90 Daughters of Nile

M-90 Daughters of Nile Daughters of Nile on silver chain

Price: $ 15.00